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Aspire to Inspire
My name is Steve Ottewell and my background is in the sports nutrition and fitness Industry for over 27 years now, including 15 years as a top National Level Bodybuilder and personal trainer in the UK. I am also owner of 2 traditional businesses.
What I didn’t like about what I was doing was, that there were never enough hours in the day to help as many people as I wanted to and the more hours I did the less hours I got to spend with my family, which was not an ideal situation.
In 2008 my world was about to be turned upside down and my Bodybuilding dream left in pieces, when I had a virus attack. My nervous system leaving me paralysed down my right arm. Had I not been fortunate enough to have business partners, I would have no businesses now.
As I embarked on a journey to find a solution to my challenge I looked into the arena of Network Marketing as I was aware that they were the people that brought cutting edge product to the market place. I found something more than I had been looking for as not only did I help my health, when I looked deeper I found a solution to my problem of being of service to more people while adding value to what they were already doing.

That was when I realised the power of system and leverage 2 unique things that are needed to produce financial freedom when executed correctly.
I studied the industry and built my skill sets through trial and error and realised if I was going to be successful I had to become a professional. So I went on the hunt for a Mentor a champion I could model his actions. I found that in my mentor Torsten Sedlmeier. I asked questions and got answers and in 2012 we partnered together with a company called ASEA. We made strategies and plans and set goals and I went all in as a Network Marketing Professional and in just 12 weeks I became the United Kingdom’s first Diamond Executive within the company. I was not one to rest as I also wanted the same results for my team and in only 16 Weeks I had broken a „Diamond“ within my team and myself had become the first Double Diamond Executive in the UK. I built up a personal team of over 10,600 team partners in 31 countries and with my mentor combined our team grew to over 29,000 team partners. I have now decided my journey needs to take a different path as we have had success as I mentioned however my dream was to help hundreds of thousands of people and to do that we need to get much bigger and I need the team that can achieve that. So I have now been in talks and have decided I will partner with Calvin Bacerra, Danien Feier, Stefani lo Gatto, Fabian Fitzner and my mentor Torsten Sedlmeier and make History together at Jeunesse.

I have stood on stage at our Amsterdam Regional Convention 28th to 30th April and looked out on an audience of more than 6,000 people and I can see the vision of this industry giant.
I have also partnered with Mark Macdonald, International Health Expert, NY Bestselling author and co-creator of Zen Project 8, a weight Management system that I have piloted with great success loosing 19lbs and 40.64cms.

I see the future now very clear and it looks good, I see a company that is already breaking records in the industry and in a far quicker time. I see the dream they have and will now play my part with my team in making that a reality.

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